Online Learning Re-imagined

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What would online learning look like if it was invented today?

Better Content, Better Insights

Better Content, Better Insights

It would be built with world-class content that inspires insights and solutions to our most complex challenges.

Always Available, Always Engaging

Always Available, Always Engaging

We would have access where ever we are, on the devices we love. It would grab our attention in a world of infinite distraction.

Real Collaboration, Real Connections

Real Collaboration, Real Connections

We would be connected to our classmates and colleagues as we learn, collaborating on the issues that matter most to us.

Introducing the Nomadic Field Manual

Learn from game-changing content...

On the devices we use constantly....

With our classmates, colleagues and friends.

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Nomadic builds mobile, social learning programs for future leaders. Our programs prepare young people to build, manage, and lead organizations in an increasingly complex world.

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