The vast majority of our work is collaborative and team-based. Our learning should be too. Nomadic puts the small group back at the center of enterprise learning.

Small Group Learning 101

Earn Attention

The right content makes small group learning possible. Inspiring, professionally produced multimedia content earns the attention of learners and keeps them engaged.

Spark Conversations

Social interaction is baked into the instructional design of our programs. Insights and ideas are shared and selected by learners from every corner of your organization.

Make it Relevant

There are no off-the-shelf solutions to our toughest organizational challenges. To truly engage a small group, learning has to be relevant, customized, and unique. Every time.

Key Features

Motivated Learners

Game-dynamics—such as individual and team leader boards, badges and rewards—drive participation through intrinsic motivation.

Purpose-built Platform

From enrollment to notifications to group management, we re-imagined every aspect of learning delivery for small groups.

Meaningful Insights

Our approach produces better analytics, with peer assessment and feedback identifying the influencers and idea generators within your organization.

Available Everywhere

Programs are available on any device with a browser, from desktops to smartphones and tablets.