Collective problems demand collaborative solutions. We cannot solve team & organizational learning challenges through individual skill development alone.

Our Areas of Expertise

We build small group learning programs and experiences in six principal domains.


Helping marketing and communications teams adapt to a digital media landscape where everything—from our relationship to customers, to the channels we use and how we create value—is being turned upside down.


Empowering people to voice their values is the greatest safeguard against your organization becoming the next corporate scandal. Using frameworks developed in partnership with Mary Gentile, we help build cultures where values are more than posters on the wall.


The success of our organization depends on our ability to collaborate effectively and creatively, oftentimes with colleagues we never meet in person. Nomadic transforms the way global teams work through structured, collaborative learning experiences that practice what they preach.


In a world of sophisticated, risk-averse buyers, how we sell and the skills that define successful salespeople are changing. Nomadic helps you codify the skills and approaches of your star performers and spread that knowledge across your entire organization.


Diversity is the lifeblood of global organizations. The ability to recruit, promote, and empower people from underrepresented backgrounds is a critical source of competitive advantage in today’s economy. Nomadic’s approach to Diversity and Inclusion isn’t about checking boxes or meeting quotas, it’s about effecting real, lasting change.


Leadership is the biggest human capital challenge facing global organizations. To meet the scale of the challenge, leadership development has to become digital. Nomadic is the first credible online leadership development solution that finds and develops emerging leaders at scale.

Our Process

1. Discover

We uncover the specific challenges that can be effectively addressed by a Nomadic program.

2. Design

Nomadic’s experts work with your team to create relevant, high impact learning designs.

3. Build

Drawing on our vast digital content library and newly produced content, we create the program(s).

4. Integrate

We integrate with your existing technologies and customize our platform to your specifications.

5. Deploy

We help devise an effective roll-out strategy for your program, with a focus on small group design and communications.

6. Learn

We analyze the effectiveness of your program and make adjustments to improve learning outcomes.